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The Village Commission will make the minutes of meetings availalbe for viewing after they are approved by the Commission.

Minutes of Meeting of Weymouth Board of Commissioners

A meeting of the Weymouth Board of Commissioners was held on Nov 2nd, 2015 with Commissioners Gaudett, Frizzell, Raymond and Mullen present. Chair, Commissioner Gaudett called the meeting to order at 6.55 PM . Chair acknowledged and welcome ratepayer Gary Theriault to the meeting. Mr Theriault expressed an interest is assisting the commission on it doctor recruitment efforts.

Minutes of Meetings of June 15th and June 22nd and October 5th were approved on motion by Commissioner Raymond and seconded by Commissioner Frizzell.

Business Arising out of the Minutes:
Commissioner Frizzell advised that his street light has finally been repairs and has the missing light of Marton Frankland.

Financial Reports: An updated financial report was presented by Clerk Treasurer.

Notice of annual festival of trees and the opening gala was circulated.

New Business:
Discussion on Dr recruitment, results of both out private meeting with Dr Kysela and the public meeting. Lengthy discussion on next steps, make up of committees, etc. Decided to remain involved in current recruiting committee.
Commissioner Raymond brought up two fire department issues 1-the allocation of the excavator bill for the fire this fall and 2/ replacement of water heater at fire hall. It was concensus that both items fall under the Fire Dept operating budget.
Clerk has yet to get up date on transfer of fire department assets.
Clerk advised that BobCat skidsteer is currently inoperable. He will endeavour to have repairs made at best price.

Next meeting date will be December 7th, 2015

There being no further business meeting was adjourned at 8:32 on motion Commissioner Mullen 2nd Commissioner Frizzell.

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